Saturday, 6 June 2009

Come One Come All....

Stock luminary and pundit Dan Heller has written about the large quantity and value of stock photography traded outside the boundaries of the usual stock outlets. He predicts that increasingly photos will be found by using search engines and advises photographers to get their own web sites and self market. For many stock photographers, especially those for whom stock isn't their main income, running their own web site to licence their photos is something they intend to do but will probably never get around to. An simpler and cheap alternative course is to write a blog for search engines to find linked to the selling back end of an established agency like Alamy. All well and good but for the blog to be found it needs to be written using relevant words like stock photo, photography etc and the main subject, but it must also be well linked to other websites. With this in mind Alamy contributors are cordially invited to join an experiment in blogging about their stock collections and trading links for their mutual benefit.

Despite having criticized some of Alamy's actions I remain a great supporter of their unedited and democratic model of selling stock photography. The photo heading this is an example. My most recent sale. What othe agency would have accepted a picture of a crudely executed embroidery copy of Leonardo da Vinci's painting of the Last Supper hanging on the wall of an obscure Devon church?


  1. Totally agree Tony - Alamy is getting a hard time on some forums (you know where I mean), but a buyer looking for an obscure image will most likely find it on Alamy. That's its USP.